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CRIMP gives judges and scorekeepers superpowers

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CRIMP is the ultimate scorekeeping solution for climbing events

Mission control for you

Everything in one place

Using several Excel sheets to track your climbers, judges and scores? With CRIMP, you’ll have 1 simple platform so that you can focus on the climbing action.

Easy-to-use app for judges

21st century scorekeeping

Designed to be simple. Engineered to be reliable. It works with bad connectivity, ensuring that critical scores will always reach the hands of the chief judge.

Live scores for everyone

Less waiting, more excitement

Make your event flow smoothly with instant results. Get a powerful website that shares event schedule, rank and scores of the climbers as it happens

We want to simplify scoring for organizers, and supercharge the event experience for climbers and spectators

We are battle-tested - from small youth team practices to huge 800 climbers multi-day events, we have handled them easily. If we're an anchor, we'll be SERENE and bomber.

Please tell someone about us!

We are new and we could really use your help to reach out to people who'll find us useful.

If you know folks that organize climbing events at any level, please tell them about CRIMP!

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