It is high time to ditch Excel

App for Judges

We went through 5 designs before creating an easy-to-use app that has proved to reduce human error from the judges. It automatically seamlessly switches between online and offline, and ensuring it can handle bad wifi/cell connectivity without any hiccups.

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Instant Scores

From the judges apps, we instantly tabulate and broadcast rank and scores on a webpage dedicated for your event. Let your spectators see the ranking and scores LIVE.

Note: This feature can be turned off.

See the scoreboard of a real event

Supports All Score Formats

From standard IFSC Top-Bonus to your own custom format, we can handle it all. You can even have different score formats in the same event! We spent time to make our app extensible, so you can run your event without limits.

We're always adding new formats! If you're running a custom score format for your event, let us know approx. 2 weeks before your event and we'll add it in.

Monitoring Dashboard

Chief Judges and scorekeeping teams can continue to focus on the climbing action. We've made a dashboard that helps them identify possible issues at a glance, on a single page that is easy to understand.

Team Format

We've got your back. We know team categories are a key component in making a climbing event profitable, so we made sure we can handle scores for team formats.

On the judges side, the flow is exactly the same as individual category - we'll tabulate the scores automatically and apply a customizable score multiplier for male/female climbers.

Individualized Score-chits

We generate score-chits for each climber into a PDF that your team can print and cut without hassle. Each chit has a unique QR code that integrates seamlessly with the judging app.

It doubles as the physical paper trail if you collect it after the athletes climb.

Data API for Video Streams

If you have a live video stream for your event, we provide an API that lets you pull the scores and details of every climber - we even know who's on the wall at that moment. It's a perfect complement to the climbing action on your stream.

Resilient Architecture

You can’t see this, but we’ve spent a heck lot of time on making our software reliable. We know that you’re relying on us to perform perfectly on event day so everything can flow smoothly.

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