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General Questions

Is CRIMP ready for my event?

Yes! Several major competitions in Singapore (400-700 climbers in each event) have used CRIMP in 2017 with our close support. In fact, CRIMP has been used in Boulderactive every year since 2014, and we've learnt a thing or two to improve our systems.

We'd like to thank the folks at Boulderactive and Onsight Climbing Gym for their tremendous support and patience.

Can I use the free tier of CRIMP?

Yes! You can create an event with 6 categories and 100 climbers for free. The judge app will always be free to download. This should be sufficient for collegiate team trainings. We hope you'll find this useful, so you don't need to deal with paper and Excel at all.

Can CRIMP support competitive events?

Yes, CRIMP is currently best suited for competitive events.
We consider events with dedicated route judges for each route as "competitive events".

Can CRIMP support casual events?

Unfortunately, the user interface is not suitable for casual events. We're working to improve this.
We consider events without dedicated route judges (climbers score themselves) as "casual events".

Can I project the scores onto a screen at my event venue?

Yes. Using the laptop connected to the projector (and the internet), go to the scoreboard page for your event, and press F11 to enter full-screen on your browser. The page will automatically update when scores come in, you do not need to refresh it.

App for Judges

Is there an iOS/iPhone app?

Not at the moment. It's often requested, but we have neither the $$$ nor the expertise to build a reliable iOS app. We'll need your support for this to happen!

How much data does the app uses?

Much less than texting on iMessage, Whatsapp or Messenger.
For a 4 day competition with 800 climbers, the total data consumption for 40 judges was ~60MB (approximately 1.5MB per judge).

How much battery does the app consume?

We observed that a fully-charge phone will last through an intense 4-6 hours shift for a route judge.

Can I use the judging app on airplane mode?

Yes. As long as you're connected to the internet at the start and end of your judging shift, you can go offline in between. The scores will be tabulated when you upload them at the end of your shift. However, this would disable the feature that'll show the details of the athlete climbing on the wall.

Scoreboard for Spectators & Climbers

Where is the scoreboard for my event?

You can find it at http://[your-event-name]

Do I need to refresh the page to see new scores?

Nope. The page updates automatically to fetch the latest scores.

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